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May 27th Practice Day Details.

    Here are a few more details concerning the Practice Day on May 27th. 

    For food planning purposes, there will be a restaurant on-site providing breakfast, lunch, and an early dinner/snack before you leave. 

    If you are planning on driving down to watch, help out or to judge, it may also be a good idea to bring your own lawn chairs. This is more important for those interested in judging/critiquing. 

    Below, we have included a list for all pilots planning on flying in to participate. Also, if you plan on showing up later in the day be sure to read the NOTAM and plan your circuit to the SOUTH side of the field. The box is located on the north side of the airport and it will be active as of 9am on Sunday morning. 

    Prior to the Practice Day:
    • Check parachute will be current.
    • Check Insurance paperwork to ensure aircraft has proper liability coverage and is current.
    • Check Aircraft will be in annual.
    • Check that your Medical will be current.
    • Check that aircraft has functioning radio.
    • Call or email the Director for any special instructions.

    Take to the Practice Day:
    • Proof of sufficient liability insurance
    • Pilots license
    • Current Pilot Medical
    • Current IAC member card.
    • Checkbook ($$)
    • Copies of your sequences KNOWN and/or FREE A,B,C forms  (10 A's, and 10 B's and 10 C forms)
    • Contest Rule Book
    • Check Aircraft for ARROW documents:
    • Airworthiness Certificate
    • Registration Certificate
    • Operating limitations
    • Weight and Balance documents for your particular aircraft. Generic weight and balance documents are not sufficient.
    • Aircraft logbook, or copy, showing the aircraft is in annual.
    • Parachute (and current pack card)
    • Current navigational charts
    • Fuel filler hose (Pitts types) (optional)
    • Oil filler spout (optional)
    • Tool kit
    • Sun Screen 
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Money
    • Snacks
    • Lawn Chair (not applicable for those arriving in an S-1 )
Hope to see everyone next week. 

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