Thursday, 27 December 2012

Chapter activity update

Season's Greetings! 

Here is a quick recap of the Nov. 18th Chapter meeting. The major topics of discussion included: Last year's contest review, details regarding the 2013 Upper Canada Open contest, up-coming chapter events and our current chapter's financial situation.

Mark your calendars... August 23rd-25th, 2013 will be the date for this coming year's Upper Canada Open. This year's contest will be held in Chatham, ON and our gracious host and Contest Driector will be Bill Ludwig. 

We are also thinking about another "New Year's Day" luncheon... As most places will be closed on Sunday the 1st of Jan. and several members have prior commitements on the 6th, we have decided to host a luncheon at 12 pm on Sunday January 13th at Borealis restaurant in Kitchener.  

We are also planning a Freestyle clinic/discussion sometime in February. The dates and location have yet to be decided. Bjarni has graciously offered us the use of his boardroom in Waterloo for the meeting.  It will most likely take place on a Sunday sometime mid-February. We will post more details as soon as they are finalized. 

If you are looking for more info please feel free to drop us a line at and we can fill you in on the latest and greatest.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Chapter meeting in Tillsonburg

Greetings all,

Apologies for the short notice... We'd like to invite everyone to the Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3 meeting. It will take place at the Tillsonburg Airport on Sunday November 18th, 2012. We'll meet in the board room at the airfield at 11 am.

Weather permitting, fly-ins are welcomed and encouraged. Tillsonburg airport still offers the best deal on gas around!

We will be presenting and discussing details for the 2013 Upper Canada Open. We will also recap the 2012 UCO and welcome all feedback!

As always, newcomers are more than welcome to join us. Hope to see everyone soon!

Chapter 3

Saturday, 3 November 2012

2012 Upper Canada Open Review

Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3 is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 2012 Upper Canada Open, which occurred the weekend of August 25, 2012 in Hanover, Ontario. Four categories were flown this year, the highest being Advanced. Earlier in the season it looked as though the contest may have been cancelled due to several factors beyond our control. The biggest hurdle was contest insurance which fell into place at the last minute (less than a week before). The supporting team from Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3, notably Pat Rebbetoy, Joy McKinney, the Erneweins and the Hanover airport staff were the driving force who made the contest a reality.

Turnout for the contest included nineteen competitors, including 3 Americans and four first time competitors in Primary! Congratulations to Dimitri Cuesta and Philippe Scotto for their stellar performance in Primary and for flying in all the way from Montreal. Also, to Josh Pegg and Bill Jones for jobs well done jumping into the competition aerobatics scene. Our thanks also goes out to the other competitors such as Hugo, Jeff and Mark who made it all the way up to Canada for our contest! The turnout exceeded our expectations for the second year in a row and we were thrilled to see so much support for the contest from both pilots and Hanover locals. 

The contest ran smoothly thanks to help of Joy McKinney, Laura Buescher, Carol Granger and Elaine Ernewein who ran the registration, program coordination and scoring from the terminal of the Hanover Airport. Enough thanks cannot be expressed to our US friends who came to support the contest and the Chapter. The Chief Judge for the contest, Greg Dungan, was supported by a panel of American and Canadian judges including Sandy Langworthy, Hugo Ritzenthaler, Wayne Buescher, Carole Holyk and Chris Pulley. Our starters were Josh and Wes who kept the contest rolling at a brisk pace throughout the entire weekend. What also deserves special recognition was the fact that without the people listed above it would have been impossible to run the contest let alone finish 57 flight in one day! 

The 2012 Upper Canada Open would not have been possible without the help of local, national and international contributors. Local businesses showed incredible support for bringing the contest to town, including Frankie’s Pub (which now also runs the airport restaurant), Optical Gallery of Hanover, Bill Brown of Dundee Wealth Hanover, Sobeys grocer Hanover, and Home Hardware Hanover. The Saugeen Municipal Airport extended fantastic hospitality to competitors and guests alike, and the crew at the Hanover Airport restaurant went above and beyond to keep competitors and volunteers fed and on their way.

Finally, we’d like to extend our gratitude to our international contributors: Hooker Harness, who went above and beyond to support an ‘international’ aerobatic competition for the second year in a row. We encourage readers and competitors to show our thanks and support these vendors when seeking or advising parts. 

We would also like to point out that the box markers at this year's contest, some of which may or may not have been noticed... are brand new! Chapter 3 now owns enough panels for a a fully marked aerobatic box.  They are made out of heavy duty truck-liner, are easy to clean and should last forever. This is a significant piece of equipment that now belongs to the chapter and will serve us well for many years to come!

The contest results are as follows:

RankContestantChptAircraftReg No.KnownFreeUnknownTotal%
1 Dimitri Cuesta 2American Champion 8KCAB CFNCV530.50 553.75 551.96 1,636.21 86.57% 
2 Philippe Scotto d'Anielo 2American Champion 8KCAB CFNCV538.13 460.54 547.63 1,546.29 81.81% 
3 Joshua Pegg 3Bellanca 8KCAB CGVQT504.38 503.50 481.38 1,489.25 78.80% 
4 Michael Jones 3Grob G115C CFVZC480.25 502.25 486.58 1,469.08 77.73% 
5 Bill Jones 3Grob G115C CFVZC466.38 497.75 494.46 1,458.58 77.17% 

RankContestantChptAircraftReg No.KnownFreeUnknownTotal%
1 Larry Ernewein 3Bucker Jungmann C-FLAE1,110.13 1,120.00 1,113.00 3,343.13 85.72% 
2 Phil Sciuk 3Giles 202 CGZOZ1,097.50 1,114.38 1,124.88 3,336.75 85.56% 
3 Bjarni Tryggvason 3Pitts S2A CGFRS1,112.58 1,099.29 1,098.04 3,309.92 84.87% 
4 Andrea Kuciak 3One Design DR-107 CFLCK1,047.88 1,047.50 1,104.00 3,199.38 82.04%

RankContestantChptAircraftReg No.KnownFreeUnknownTotal%
1 Jeffery Granger 34Extra 300L N83KS1,599.08 1,741.00 1,533.38 4,873.46 84.90% 
2 Hella Comat 3Pitts S1T CFWTI1,660.63 1,677.63 1,530.13 4,868.38 84.81% 
3 Trevor Rafferty 3Javelin CFJQB1,578.04 1,626.75 1,504.79 4,709.58 82.05% 
4 William Ludwig 3Pitts S1T CGBKF1,551.17 1,659.08 1,495.75 4,706.00 81.99% 
5 Chris Pulley 3Pitts S1T CGMMG1,431.54 1,588.63 1,445.79 4,465.96 77.80% 
6 Desmond Lightbody 3Pitts S2A N3I4821,297.38 1,632.50 0.00 2,929.88 51.04%

RankContestantChptAircraftReg No.KnownFreeUnknownTotal%
1 Mark Stewart 52Panzl S-330 N540ML2,179.13 2,736.50 2,099.75 7,015.38 80.82% 
2 Andy Ernewein 3Pitts S1S C-FSUP2,089.75 2,512.13 2,346.00 6,947.88 80.04% 
3 Scott McMaster 3One Design DR-107 CFLCK1,954.63 2,436.38 1,682.00 6,073.00 69.97% 
4 Hugo Ritzenthaler 88Pitts S1-E N96HH1,827.50 2,288.92 1,099.88 5,216.29 60.10%

GrassrootsDimitri Cuesta

On Sunday, competitors packed up, said their goodbyes and took off for home. We, as a chapter, would sincerely like to thank everyone for making this contest a reality.  We hope that everybody had a great time and look forward to seeing y'all again soon! 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hanover aerobatic box

Here is a photo showing the box location at the Hanover/Saugeen Municipal Airport. The blue line indicates the location of the judges line.  

For first time competitors

It has come to our attention that there may be several first-time competitors at this year's Upper Canada Open. This document was compiled by the IAC as an FAQ about certain aspects and terms used at an aerobatic contest. For anyone new to the sport it's well worth the read.


The IAC Rule Book referenced in this document is a free download from the IAC website. (

What does a Tech Inspection consist of?
Have available for inspection all certificates required for operation of any aircraft (airworthiness, registration, operating limitation, weight and balance) plus aircraft and engine log books, certificates of insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 property damage and $100,000 single limit bodily injury. The parachute repack certification will also be checked. The Tech inspector will use a checklist of items to approve the aircraft for flight at the contest.  A list of these items may be found in the IAC Rule Book Chapter 2.3

What does the Aerobatic Box look like?
A diagram of the aerobatic box may be found in the IAC Rule Book, Chapter 4.11.

When can I practice in the Aerobatic Box?
After you have registered, signed the Aerobatic SFOC Waiver, and completed the Tech Inspection, you may ask the Starter to assign you a turn in the box. He will advise you of the location, where the holding area is located, and what frequency to use in the box.

Can I practice or leave the area after the contest has started?
No.  However, the Contest Jury may waive this rule under special circumstances. Chapter 3.15 IAC Rule Book

What is the Box Frequency?
It is  a special comm frequency assigned by the Chief Judge to control the aerobatic box during the contest. Pilots will change from the airport  frequency to the box frequency when in the holding area or when advised by the Chief Judge during the briefing. Pilots will acknowledge instructions to enter the box only and listen while in the box, as this is a safety frequency for a recall or advice on traffic. When finished with their flight, pilots will depart the box and change back to the airport frequency. There is no need to call the Chief Judge upon exiting the box. Chatter is kept to a minimum on this frequency.

 What is covered in the Aerobatic Briefing?
Roll call of pilots and all volunteers assigned to the judging line, order of flight for each category, safety requirements, weather, direction of flight, starting and ramp procedures, medical information, Notams, and starting time. Chapter 4.6.1 of the IAC Rule Book

Do the pilots change direction of flight if the wind changes and who lets us know?
No. Only the Chief Judge has this authority. Pilots will receive notice a minimum  fifteen minutes before the flight.

What is the Aerobatic SFOC Waiver?
It permits aerobatic flight in a area where it is normally prohibited.
This airspace is usually the box with a buffer to permit a safety check prior to
entering. CAUTION: This waiver in no way prohibits any other aircraft from using the same area.  HEADS UP !!           

How many flights might expect to make as a Primary category pilot?
One and up to a maximum of three, depending on the length and conditions of the contest.  

What is the Dead Line?
A line outside the aerobatic box, usually at the judges line, that if crossed will result in a zero score for that figure.  Chapter 4.14.2

What is the wind dummy?
Usually the first contestant to fly in each category. This person is usually responsible for flying the low lines. Low lines are flown at the minimum altitude for that category and on the X and Y axes of the box. This is done so the judges will be able to estimate the minimum altitude for that category.

Can I arrive late for the contest and still compete?
Pilots must arrive in time to register and have Tech Inspection prior to the first morning briefing. The Briefing is MANDATORY for all competitors. Exceptions must be approved by the contest staff in advance or by the Contest Jury during the contest.

What are the Smooth and Star awards?
Awards for flying the category with all figures being scored a five or better during a contest for a Stars pin and in a non-contest environment for the Smooth pin. Applications for these awards may be found on the IAC Website. Appendix 5 of the IAC Rule Book.

What is the Buddy System?
As a first time competitor, you will have an experienced contest pilot assigned to you for guidance and advice during the contest.

What is a Volunteer?
The Volunteers are the most important part of the contest. It takes twenty-two volunteers to man the judges line for each category.  There are also drivers, computer operators for the scores, Registers, Volunteer Coordinator, Contest Director, Starter, and many more. Pilots, spouses, and relatives are prohibited on the judging line during their category, but may volunteer for other duties. 



Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pre-register online!

On-line registration is now available at for the 2012 Upper Canada Open:

If you plan to attend the Upper Canada Open, please go on-line and pre-register. If you do not have an account please sign up. It's quick, easy and it helps us out big time on the paperwork side of things.
Hope to see everyone soon!

Chapter 3 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

2012 Upper Canada is a GO!

Well it's official... We have insurance for our contest!

Announcing Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3’s 2nd contest! The 2012 Upper Canada Cup will be hosted in Hanover, Ontario August 25 and 26th, 2012 at the Hanover/ Saugeen Municipal Airport (CYHS). Practice and registration will be on August 24th. We look forward to Primary, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited power categories.

The details:

Contest fee: $120;
Hangar $10 per night.


The BEST hotel in the area; Best Western in Walkerton. 25 rooms have been set aside for us at a special rate of $139 plus tax per night. This rate is well below their regular rate.  The rooms will be held for the next few weeks under the name Phil Englishman on behalf of the Can-Am Aerobatic competition. You can call the hotel direct at 226-436-3030 or 1-855-436-3030 and tell them that you are with the event.  You can also reserve a room via email at and again, let them know that you are with the aerobatic group. You will have a choice between two queen size beds or a single king size bed.  These rooms are excellent,clean, include breakfast and they have a pool and exercise room. If you've never stayed in Hanover or Walkerton, this hotel is by far the best option. The are several other "rustic" options available at a similar price, however our vote goes to the Best Western.


 A banquet will be held Saturday night at the airport. This banquet will also be attended by up to 50 local pilots and airport friends.

We look forward to a great time bringing an acro contest north of the border once again to Ontario!
Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or helping out in any way at the contest via e-mail you can also check out our blog at for regular contest updates.

Hope to see everyone soon!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

2012 Contest Update

As most of you are probably aware, preparations are underway for our 2012 Upper Canada Open contest in Hanover, ON. We are still in the process of obtaining insurance for our event and will have a final answer within the next couple of weeks. If we are unable to get insurance by the end of the month, unfortunately, we will be forced to cancel the contest.

On a more positive note we now have a "Official Contest Hotel". A block of hotel rooms are now available for booking at the brand new Best Western in Walkerton. 25 rooms have been set aside for us at a special rate of $139 plus tax per night. This rate is well below their regular rate.  The rooms will be held for the next few weeks under the name Phil Englishman on behalf of the Can-Am Aerobatic competition. You can call the hotel direct at 226-436-3030 or 1-855-436-3030 and tell them that you are with the event.  You can also reserve a room via email at and again, let them know that you are with the aerobatic group. You will have a choice between two queen size beds or a single king size bed.  These rooms are excellent, clean, include breakfast and they have a pool and exercise room. If you've never stayed in Hanover or Walkerton, this hotel is by far the best option. The are several other "rustic" options available at a similar price, however our vote goes to the Best Western.

We will keep everyone posted as more details are being finalized.  We will also be looking for volunteers to fill the various positions related to the contest. Please let us know if you are interested in helping out.   

Chapter 3

Friday, 25 May 2012

2012 Aerobatics Canada Practice Day has been cancelled

Hi everybody,

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control we have to
cancel our Chapter 3 practice day in Tillsonburg on May 27th. The
insurance provider that has binded us with coverage for the past
decade or so has decided not to renew our policy with Aerobatics

Here is a brief explination as to what's happend so far and why they
will no longer cover us:

As a direct result of and reaction to the September 16, 2011
catastrophic crash and multiple fatalities at the Reno Air Races
the aviation insurance industry in general and our insurance carrier
in particular have reassessed their exposure under all forms of
"aviation event" insurance coverage.
In the case of our carrier, they have decided at the corporate board
level and announced that they will no longer insure such events.
We, Aerobatics Canada, and our insurance agent, Bill Davidson of
National Aviation Insurance Brokers, believe that the risks inherent
in aerobatic competition are dramatically lower than those associated
with air racing and that the insurance
carrier is not distinguishing risk based on actual activities but
rather lumping all special aviation events in together.
We have prepared a presentation which Bill presented today to senior
Allianz officers to demonstrate that our aerobatic competitions
represent only very nominal risk (particularly as compared to low
level unlimited air racing).

We are currently is the process of figuring out what the next step will be.

I would personally like to thank Brent Rogers and Bill Davidson for
their time and effort dedicated to pursuing the insurance carriers
directly. Over the past several days they've put together a
comprehensive presentation outlining the the structure, safety
elements and major diffrences between Aerobatics Canada events and
what happened at Reno.

So far, the 2012 contest is still a go. We will develop a plan as soon
as we have more information with regards to the decisions made by the
insurance carrier.

Chapter 3

Saturday, 19 May 2012

May 27th Practice Day Details.

    Here are a few more details concerning the Practice Day on May 27th. 

    For food planning purposes, there will be a restaurant on-site providing breakfast, lunch, and an early dinner/snack before you leave. 

    If you are planning on driving down to watch, help out or to judge, it may also be a good idea to bring your own lawn chairs. This is more important for those interested in judging/critiquing. 

    Below, we have included a list for all pilots planning on flying in to participate. Also, if you plan on showing up later in the day be sure to read the NOTAM and plan your circuit to the SOUTH side of the field. The box is located on the north side of the airport and it will be active as of 9am on Sunday morning. 

    Prior to the Practice Day:
    • Check parachute will be current.
    • Check Insurance paperwork to ensure aircraft has proper liability coverage and is current.
    • Check Aircraft will be in annual.
    • Check that your Medical will be current.
    • Check that aircraft has functioning radio.
    • Call or email the Director for any special instructions.

    Take to the Practice Day:
    • Proof of sufficient liability insurance
    • Pilots license
    • Current Pilot Medical
    • Current IAC member card.
    • Checkbook ($$)
    • Copies of your sequences KNOWN and/or FREE A,B,C forms  (10 A's, and 10 B's and 10 C forms)
    • Contest Rule Book
    • Check Aircraft for ARROW documents:
    • Airworthiness Certificate
    • Registration Certificate
    • Operating limitations
    • Weight and Balance documents for your particular aircraft. Generic weight and balance documents are not sufficient.
    • Aircraft logbook, or copy, showing the aircraft is in annual.
    • Parachute (and current pack card)
    • Current navigational charts
    • Fuel filler hose (Pitts types) (optional)
    • Oil filler spout (optional)
    • Tool kit
    • Sun Screen 
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Money
    • Snacks
    • Lawn Chair (not applicable for those arriving in an S-1 )
Hope to see everyone next week. 

Chapter 3

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Chapter 3 Practice Day is fast approaching!

Alright... No more excuses, spring is here and it's time to start flying! Come out and enjoy the 2012 Chapter 3 Practice Day. Just as much fun as a contest, with no stress!

Here are the details for the 2012 Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3 Practice Day.

Tillsonburg Municipal Airport (RWY 08-26)
R.R. #1
Tillsonburg, Ontario
N0J 1N0

The agenda for the Practice Day is as follows;

Box will be open Sunday, May 27th, 2012 : 0900 - 2100

Registration and Tech inspections will begin at 0800. Pilot briefings will be held at 0830 and again at 1200. Attendance at either briefing is mandatory. Your aircraft will also be subject to a Tech inspection prior to being released to fly in the box (so make sure your parachute repack is current!). Due to our limited timeline, if you arrive late/after the morning briefing you will be required to attend the 1200 briefing before being allowed to fly in the box. Also, practice slots/order of flight will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis, so come early. The length and structure of the individual practice slots is subject to weather and number of participants so those details we be finalized the day of.

The cost will be $40 per pilot. Cash or cheques only please. This fee is only being charged to cover the cost of event insurance for the day.

We have been in contact with the restaurant at the Tillsonburg airport and, for planning purposes, they will be open for breakfast and lunch. We also asked if they will remain open for supper to provide us with an option for food later in the afternoon and are just waiting for a reply.

Important notes for participants;
If you wish to have your known/free critiqued, you will be required to bring 10 copies (A,B,C Forms) for any sequence that you intend on flying. Note: This applies to ALL categories and there will not be any office supplies or copiers at the airport so it is important that you arrive with these copies in hand.

Call for volunteers...
We need several people's help to fill key positions before during and after the Practice Day. They are as follows:
1 Person to assist with registration (pilot sign up sheet, order of flight, signing the waiver) 
2-3 People to help on 25th-26th with setup and again on the 27th or 28th for cleanup of box markers (Dates will depend on Weather)
2 People For the Starter position, AM (0800-1300) or PM (1300-2000)
2 People For the Box Director position, AM (0800-1300) or PM (1300-2000)
1-2 People to assist with Tech inspections 

Obviously, the weather will be a big factor in planning/outcome of our success. For planning and scheduling purposes we would like to get a feel for how many pilots and volunteers are planning to attend. Please reply to if you are coming.