Sunday, 6 May 2012

Chapter 3 Practice Day is fast approaching!

Alright... No more excuses, spring is here and it's time to start flying! Come out and enjoy the 2012 Chapter 3 Practice Day. Just as much fun as a contest, with no stress!

Here are the details for the 2012 Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3 Practice Day.

Tillsonburg Municipal Airport (RWY 08-26)
R.R. #1
Tillsonburg, Ontario
N0J 1N0

The agenda for the Practice Day is as follows;

Box will be open Sunday, May 27th, 2012 : 0900 - 2100

Registration and Tech inspections will begin at 0800. Pilot briefings will be held at 0830 and again at 1200. Attendance at either briefing is mandatory. Your aircraft will also be subject to a Tech inspection prior to being released to fly in the box (so make sure your parachute repack is current!). Due to our limited timeline, if you arrive late/after the morning briefing you will be required to attend the 1200 briefing before being allowed to fly in the box. Also, practice slots/order of flight will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis, so come early. The length and structure of the individual practice slots is subject to weather and number of participants so those details we be finalized the day of.

The cost will be $40 per pilot. Cash or cheques only please. This fee is only being charged to cover the cost of event insurance for the day.

We have been in contact with the restaurant at the Tillsonburg airport and, for planning purposes, they will be open for breakfast and lunch. We also asked if they will remain open for supper to provide us with an option for food later in the afternoon and are just waiting for a reply.

Important notes for participants;
If you wish to have your known/free critiqued, you will be required to bring 10 copies (A,B,C Forms) for any sequence that you intend on flying. Note: This applies to ALL categories and there will not be any office supplies or copiers at the airport so it is important that you arrive with these copies in hand.

Call for volunteers...
We need several people's help to fill key positions before during and after the Practice Day. They are as follows:
1 Person to assist with registration (pilot sign up sheet, order of flight, signing the waiver) 
2-3 People to help on 25th-26th with setup and again on the 27th or 28th for cleanup of box markers (Dates will depend on Weather)
2 People For the Starter position, AM (0800-1300) or PM (1300-2000)
2 People For the Box Director position, AM (0800-1300) or PM (1300-2000)
1-2 People to assist with Tech inspections 

Obviously, the weather will be a big factor in planning/outcome of our success. For planning and scheduling purposes we would like to get a feel for how many pilots and volunteers are planning to attend. Please reply to if you are coming.

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