Friday, 25 May 2012

2012 Aerobatics Canada Practice Day has been cancelled

Hi everybody,

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control we have to
cancel our Chapter 3 practice day in Tillsonburg on May 27th. The
insurance provider that has binded us with coverage for the past
decade or so has decided not to renew our policy with Aerobatics

Here is a brief explination as to what's happend so far and why they
will no longer cover us:

As a direct result of and reaction to the September 16, 2011
catastrophic crash and multiple fatalities at the Reno Air Races
the aviation insurance industry in general and our insurance carrier
in particular have reassessed their exposure under all forms of
"aviation event" insurance coverage.
In the case of our carrier, they have decided at the corporate board
level and announced that they will no longer insure such events.
We, Aerobatics Canada, and our insurance agent, Bill Davidson of
National Aviation Insurance Brokers, believe that the risks inherent
in aerobatic competition are dramatically lower than those associated
with air racing and that the insurance
carrier is not distinguishing risk based on actual activities but
rather lumping all special aviation events in together.
We have prepared a presentation which Bill presented today to senior
Allianz officers to demonstrate that our aerobatic competitions
represent only very nominal risk (particularly as compared to low
level unlimited air racing).

We are currently is the process of figuring out what the next step will be.

I would personally like to thank Brent Rogers and Bill Davidson for
their time and effort dedicated to pursuing the insurance carriers
directly. Over the past several days they've put together a
comprehensive presentation outlining the the structure, safety
elements and major diffrences between Aerobatics Canada events and
what happened at Reno.

So far, the 2012 contest is still a go. We will develop a plan as soon
as we have more information with regards to the decisions made by the
insurance carrier.

Chapter 3

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