Friday, 12 August 2016

2016 Upper Canada Open

I hope everyone is excited and looking forward to a fun/competitive competition next weekend!

I'm writing to give everyone an update on the competition in Hanover, Ontario. For those I haven't met, my name is Ryan Chapman and I'm the contest director for 2016. This is my first shot at doing this, so hopefully this experience is seamless for you. Below I've included all the details you require. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. My details can be found at the bottom of this email. Safe flying!

Location and facilities:
CYHS, Saugeen Municipal Airport info from Skyvector. Everything you need to get there:
CYHS Website:
There is washroom facilities and a restaurant. For those that want to camp, you have the option and will have access to washroom facilities and showers during your stay.
Cathy's Restaurant will be putting on Burgers, salad with all the fixings ($15 per person) on Friday the 19th for dinner and on Saturday, Cathy will be serving Roast Beef, Salad and Yorkshire Pudding ($25 per person).

The Best Western is fully booked at this point however there are alternate options if you're still looking. While not as "luxurious" they do the job.
Here are a few options if you're still looking:

Contest Fees and HangarageContest fees are $150 CAD per person (This includes hangarage as well)
We have access to a large hangar and will be available Friday when you arrive

Contest Management Personel
Contest Director: Ryan Chapman Ph: 416.388.5850 Email:
Chief Judge: Carole Holyk Ph: 416 432 4304 Email:
Chief Technical Monitor: Adam McCabe 807 632 5697 Email:
Safety Director: Larry Ernewein Ph: 519 469 3874 Email:

Like most competitions, volunteers make these events successful. We're always looking for volunteers, so if anyone would like to help out that would be much appreciated.

Prizes and T-Shirts:
Aerotech Aviation have been so kind to donate a $100 Spruce Gift Card. This prize will be given to the pilot that scores the highest on their known sequence (Primary through to Unlimited).

For the non-flying volunteers, a $100 Amazon Gift Card will be given to the volunteer of the competition (This will be decided by a panel of judges once all have flown their sequences).

T-Shirts will also be given to contestants and volunteers at no charge. For those that would like to purchase, they are available at $18 CAD each. Please note that these are on a first come, first serve basis. Don't forget to ask during registration!

What to bring for competitors:
We follow all IAC and Transport Canada requirements so please make sure to bring:

(a) Airworthiness Certificate.

(b) Aircraft Registration Certificate or military serial number designation.

(c) Aircraft operating limitations.

(d) Current aircraft weight and balance.

(e) Copies of entries from Aircraft and Engine Log Books, appropriate to the aircraft’s

Airworthiness Certificate.

(f) Certificate of Insurance verifying coverage of $1,000,000 property damage and

$100,000 single limit bodily injury minimum.

(g) Aircraft must not have obvious physical damage or potential structural problems as would

be indicated by wrinkles in metal or fabric coverings or loose structural members.

(h) Complete freedom of movement of the controls is required.

(i) Aircraft must be free of foreign and loose objects.

(j) If the canopy, or door for cabin-type aircraft, is hinged on the forward (leading) edge, it

must incorporate a quick-release mechanism to facilitate emergency egress.

(k) Dual seat belts with separate attach points and a shoulder harness are mandatory for

Advanced and Unlimited (power and glider) categories. The same equipment is strongly

recommended for Primary, Sportsman, and Intermediate power categories, but is not

mandatory except when IAC Technical Monitors deem them necessary for the sequence

being flown in these categories.

(l) Hazardous conditions in the engine compartment such as cracked exhaust, fuel leaks, or

excessive oil leaks which can be observed through cowl openings and service doors will

be brought to the pilot’s attention and, if uncorrected, are grounds to deny registration of

the aircraft.

(m) Propeller shall not have any apparent physical damage.

(n) The personal parachute or the aircraft’s ballistic recovery system, if so equipped, will be

in good general condition and will be current in accordance with FAA regulations.

(o) Aircraft Structural Standards - Experimental (Amateur-built and Exhibition): The IAC

cannot and does not purport or attempt to regulate or require aircraft structural

standards for participation in the sport of aerobatics. Each competitor is solely

responsible for insuring that his or her aircraft is structurally and mechanically safe and

capable of performing whatever maneuver the competitor intends to fly. The Technical

Committee shall promote conformity to FAA standards of construction and maintenance.

(p) Aircraft other than Experimental (Acrobatic): Structural standards for other than

experimental aircraft are the responsibility of the controlling government agency. These

aircraft must comply with the IAC entrance requirements. Aircraft will not be permitted to

fly any maneuvers restricted by the licensing agency.

(q) A radio capable of transmitting and receiving common VHF frequencies.

(r) The use of a helmet is strongly recommended for all competitors and safety pilots, but is

not mandatory.

(s) The use of a flight suit and gloves composed of at least a single layer of fire-retardant

fabric is strongly recommended for all competitors and safety pilots, but is not


Don't forget to bring sunscreen and hats

USA Pilots That Are Competing:
Please bring all of the above with you and make sure that you have your Foreign Flight Authority if needed. All documentation will be checked prior on Friday the 19th when you arrive.

Final Thoughts:

We want this competition to be enjoyable, safe and competitive for all. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

With gratitude,

Ryan Chapman

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