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2012 Upper Canada Open Review

Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3 is pleased to announce the successful completion of the 2012 Upper Canada Open, which occurred the weekend of August 25, 2012 in Hanover, Ontario. Four categories were flown this year, the highest being Advanced. Earlier in the season it looked as though the contest may have been cancelled due to several factors beyond our control. The biggest hurdle was contest insurance which fell into place at the last minute (less than a week before). The supporting team from Aerobatics Canada Chapter 3, notably Pat Rebbetoy, Joy McKinney, the Erneweins and the Hanover airport staff were the driving force who made the contest a reality.

Turnout for the contest included nineteen competitors, including 3 Americans and four first time competitors in Primary! Congratulations to Dimitri Cuesta and Philippe Scotto for their stellar performance in Primary and for flying in all the way from Montreal. Also, to Josh Pegg and Bill Jones for jobs well done jumping into the competition aerobatics scene. Our thanks also goes out to the other competitors such as Hugo, Jeff and Mark who made it all the way up to Canada for our contest! The turnout exceeded our expectations for the second year in a row and we were thrilled to see so much support for the contest from both pilots and Hanover locals. 

The contest ran smoothly thanks to help of Joy McKinney, Laura Buescher, Carol Granger and Elaine Ernewein who ran the registration, program coordination and scoring from the terminal of the Hanover Airport. Enough thanks cannot be expressed to our US friends who came to support the contest and the Chapter. The Chief Judge for the contest, Greg Dungan, was supported by a panel of American and Canadian judges including Sandy Langworthy, Hugo Ritzenthaler, Wayne Buescher, Carole Holyk and Chris Pulley. Our starters were Josh and Wes who kept the contest rolling at a brisk pace throughout the entire weekend. What also deserves special recognition was the fact that without the people listed above it would have been impossible to run the contest let alone finish 57 flight in one day! 

The 2012 Upper Canada Open would not have been possible without the help of local, national and international contributors. Local businesses showed incredible support for bringing the contest to town, including Frankie’s Pub (which now also runs the airport restaurant), Optical Gallery of Hanover, Bill Brown of Dundee Wealth Hanover, Sobeys grocer Hanover, and Home Hardware Hanover. The Saugeen Municipal Airport extended fantastic hospitality to competitors and guests alike, and the crew at the Hanover Airport restaurant went above and beyond to keep competitors and volunteers fed and on their way.

Finally, we’d like to extend our gratitude to our international contributors: Hooker Harness, who went above and beyond to support an ‘international’ aerobatic competition for the second year in a row. We encourage readers and competitors to show our thanks and support these vendors when seeking or advising parts. 

We would also like to point out that the box markers at this year's contest, some of which may or may not have been noticed... are brand new! Chapter 3 now owns enough panels for a a fully marked aerobatic box.  They are made out of heavy duty truck-liner, are easy to clean and should last forever. This is a significant piece of equipment that now belongs to the chapter and will serve us well for many years to come!

The contest results are as follows:

RankContestantChptAircraftReg No.KnownFreeUnknownTotal%
1 Dimitri Cuesta 2American Champion 8KCAB CFNCV530.50 553.75 551.96 1,636.21 86.57% 
2 Philippe Scotto d'Anielo 2American Champion 8KCAB CFNCV538.13 460.54 547.63 1,546.29 81.81% 
3 Joshua Pegg 3Bellanca 8KCAB CGVQT504.38 503.50 481.38 1,489.25 78.80% 
4 Michael Jones 3Grob G115C CFVZC480.25 502.25 486.58 1,469.08 77.73% 
5 Bill Jones 3Grob G115C CFVZC466.38 497.75 494.46 1,458.58 77.17% 

RankContestantChptAircraftReg No.KnownFreeUnknownTotal%
1 Larry Ernewein 3Bucker Jungmann C-FLAE1,110.13 1,120.00 1,113.00 3,343.13 85.72% 
2 Phil Sciuk 3Giles 202 CGZOZ1,097.50 1,114.38 1,124.88 3,336.75 85.56% 
3 Bjarni Tryggvason 3Pitts S2A CGFRS1,112.58 1,099.29 1,098.04 3,309.92 84.87% 
4 Andrea Kuciak 3One Design DR-107 CFLCK1,047.88 1,047.50 1,104.00 3,199.38 82.04%

RankContestantChptAircraftReg No.KnownFreeUnknownTotal%
1 Jeffery Granger 34Extra 300L N83KS1,599.08 1,741.00 1,533.38 4,873.46 84.90% 
2 Hella Comat 3Pitts S1T CFWTI1,660.63 1,677.63 1,530.13 4,868.38 84.81% 
3 Trevor Rafferty 3Javelin CFJQB1,578.04 1,626.75 1,504.79 4,709.58 82.05% 
4 William Ludwig 3Pitts S1T CGBKF1,551.17 1,659.08 1,495.75 4,706.00 81.99% 
5 Chris Pulley 3Pitts S1T CGMMG1,431.54 1,588.63 1,445.79 4,465.96 77.80% 
6 Desmond Lightbody 3Pitts S2A N3I4821,297.38 1,632.50 0.00 2,929.88 51.04%

RankContestantChptAircraftReg No.KnownFreeUnknownTotal%
1 Mark Stewart 52Panzl S-330 N540ML2,179.13 2,736.50 2,099.75 7,015.38 80.82% 
2 Andy Ernewein 3Pitts S1S C-FSUP2,089.75 2,512.13 2,346.00 6,947.88 80.04% 
3 Scott McMaster 3One Design DR-107 CFLCK1,954.63 2,436.38 1,682.00 6,073.00 69.97% 
4 Hugo Ritzenthaler 88Pitts S1-E N96HH1,827.50 2,288.92 1,099.88 5,216.29 60.10%

GrassrootsDimitri Cuesta

On Sunday, competitors packed up, said their goodbyes and took off for home. We, as a chapter, would sincerely like to thank everyone for making this contest a reality.  We hope that everybody had a great time and look forward to seeing y'all again soon! 

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