Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Accomodation Update!

We've recently found out that somewhere along the line earlier in the summer, a misunderstanding about room bookings was encountered, and now to our pleasant surprise, we've found that we still have a block of ten (10) rooms available at the Canadiana Motel in Hanover- the select destination for the Upper Canada Open! So that'sgood news!

The bad news is that we were unclear as to how the lines weren't sorted out earlier, and as such, the motel is only holding the block until the end of the day tomorrow before releasing the rooms back to the public. So, we've hit a bit of a crunch in timing, and we apologize for that.

But all that said, it's time to secure a room for yourself or your party with a quick phone call to the Canadiana at (519)364-1580! The secret password to get in on the block of rooms is that you must mention that you're coming for the aerobatic contest and you'd like to book one of the rooms reserved by Larry Ernewein.

The motel's website can be found at:
for more information.

If you're flying in, have no fears about transportation, we'll take care of everyone who needs rides to and from town (it's a quick run to the motel).

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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